This was also found on an auction site in L.A. a few years back

One of the last two existing Supercycles from the 1982 film Megaforce starring Barry Bostwick, Persus Kembatta, and Knightrider's Edward Mulhare. This vehicle was restored from parts acquired from Fantasy Cars in El Cajon, CA. These vehicle parts were found in excellent condition with the weapons system and smokescreen system still intact and operational. According to the original builder John Rimpaw, this bike, number 12, was one of the few produced with fully operational weapons. Originally twelve of these bikes were produced for the film.

According to John, many of them were damaged during themaking of the film as they were required to drive in close formation with the "TAC-COM" vehicle which had almost no visibility and often ran over the bikes. The remaining bikes suffered a rather bizzare fate at the completion of filming. As the story goes, the film ran over budget during shooting and the members of the FX department, who had provided the special weapons and props for the vehicles, requested their payment at the completion of vehicle filming. They were informed that as thefilm was now bankrupt, there would be no payment for their work. The FX guys then promptly removed their gear (none of the Megadestroyers maintain their original external weapons systems) from the vehicles and pulled the fiberglass panels from the then new Suzuki RM 125 motorcyclesand dropped them in the sand. And, in what was described as quite a spectacle to behold, these guys then rode off into the sunset.

Only one other of these bikes is known to exist in arestoredcondition. This bike was in the possession of a moviecarcollector residing in Manhattan who subsequently disappeared. The whereabouts of this other bike is currently unknown. (courtesy of